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Feb 21, 2010

Facebook | Danger! Beware of These Affiliate Programs

Facebook | Danger! Beware of These Affiliate Programs

1. Overnight Riches Syndrome:
Any program that promises you a lot of money without you doing almost nothing. The person teaching you did not make it overnight, so why do you, the follower, want to make it overnight? If it were easy to make it just like that then everybody should be rich by now.

I am not saying you cannot earn a lot of cash online, Yes, you can make it. In fact make tens of thousands in a month but you are not going to make that starting today. Why? because you will have to learn some basic things. Once you master them, then you can go ahead to make any amount possible. I hope you are not discouraged!

2. Heaven and Earth Syndrome
Affiliate program that promises Heaven and earth. They end up being lies. If it sounds too good to be true, it actually might be.

I am very sure you have tried a lot of them out, just like I did. Some of the clickbank and adsense results you see everywhere are not real. There are software and codes that can actually edit those accounts no matter how secure Google and click bank account is.

If you have been burnt before then learn to be careful. You have to be very careful so that you do not get your fingers burnt again. I will be recommending a working affiliate to you at the end of this article but I expect you to go ahead to learn and cultivate the habit of searching and reading reviews.

3. Caution your greed
Once you caution your greed and your appetite to make it big just instantly, then you are sure to make it far bigger than you think. by far, you will be ahead of millions trying to make it overnight.

These are the basic rules you need to enjoy making money online and it is the simplest way to earn tens of thousands of dollars as an affiliate. After all, that is what you are looking for.

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Feb 17, 2010

Top 4 Features of a Good Business Website

A good business website is not a luxury. It is your brand identity on the web. It must inspire confidence and invoke the desire to do business. Hence, regardless of whether your do business directly through your website or not, you cannot and must not tolerate a poor business website design.

Here are the top 4 features that go to make an attractive and successful business website.

The Design: OK. It's easy to get carried away here. You want your website to be a reflection of your business. You'd like it to be hi-tech, jazzy and glamorous. You want innovative features, you know, all the bells and whistles, and you can't wait to get your hands on it all.
Sadly, if you build a business website that looks like a video screen, your business will actually suffer, instead of doing well. Here's why.
Your website is not about you. It is more about what your customers want. Ideally, the home page must be simple, attractive and quick to load. It must give away just the right amount of information. It must also have the 'call to action', as in what it is that you want the visitor to do (click a link, visit another page, leave a testimonial etc). The extra features you put in (video, search box, log in box, news ticker and so on) must serve a useful function. Otherwise, it's simply a waste of time. Anything blinking, scrolling or dancing across the screen only distracts attention and gives the visitor a royal headache. According to surveys, the average visitor does not stay on a page for more than 4 seconds!

Navigation: For a visitor, a business website is like a maze. They do not have the time or the inclination to search for information. So, text, menus, images and video should be designed in such a way that the visitor can see whatever they want in a glance. In short, make it supremely easy for your visitors to decipher what your website is all about!

Information: People who visit your website come there for two purposes. First, they want to know more about you and your product; two, if they're still interested, they want to buy from you. In short, your visitor is looking for useful information. So, give it to them.
Include all kinds of important and useful information about your products. The About Us page of your business website must give visitors a clear view of your business philosophy. It must also establish rapport with them at a personal level. The Contact Us page must be complete and concise. It would help to accept comments, suggestions or queries through this page as this helps you keep in touch with your visitors.

Optimization: Your business website is an advertisement in itself. If it is pegged high on search engines like Google, you can expect to get a good web following. You have to do your best to woo search engines. This is done by adopting a number of small but useful measures like using the right keywords on the website, making use of Meta tags properly, using Alt tags for your images and so on. A specialist can guide you with this. Many website design companies offer search engine optimization as a part of their package.
Making your website business friendly is a matter of trial and error. Even so, the above information will help you build a business website that is attractive, helpful and innovative.

Feb 16, 2010


Untuk menjalankan perniagaan Internet kita memerlukan beberapa tools. Selain dari Internet banking dan Debit Card, anda juga perlu menggunakan Payment Processor. Payment processor merupakan cara pembayaran online dimana cara penggunaannya hampir sama dengan internet Banking. Dengan Payment Processor anda boleh membuat pembayaran dan juga menerima pembayaran.

Antara Payment Processor yang popular adalah Paypal, Liberty Reserve, Alert Pay, Perfect Pay dan lain-lain lagi. Antara kesemua yang saya sebutkan Paypal adalah yang paling banyak diterima diseluruh dunia dan Bank Negara Malaysia telah meluluskan penggunaan Paypal sepenuhnya oleh rakyat Malaysia. Oleh itu saya akan menerangkan cara penggunaan dan cara membuka akaun Paypal dalam siri ini. Untuk Payment Processor lain akan saya jelaskan dilain masa.

Dengan menggunakan Paypal anda boleh membuat pembayaran kepada sesiapa sahaja yang mempunyai akaun Paypal diseluruh dunia. Ini bermakna anda boleh mengirim wang atau membeli barangan/perkhidmatan secara online tanpa mengira dimana mereka berada..Anda juga boleh menerima wang melalui Paypal dan sekiranya anda ingin menjual barangan/perkhidmatan ianya amat mudah. Anda hanya perlu masukkan borang kedalam website anda dan pengunjung boleh membuat pembayaran dari laman web anda.

Semua transaksi Paypal adalah dalam talian yakni ianya adalah instant. Bayangkan dengan adanya akaun Paypal, anda boleh menjual barangan anda kepada seluruh dunia. Kebanyakkan program Affiliate antarbangsa menggunakan Paypal untuk pembayaran komisyen mereka.

Jan 17, 2010

Simplify Your Internet Web Site Marketing

STOP THAT! Why do all new internet marketers want to make everything so complicated? Information overload is the killer of many potentially great internet marketers. Internet web site marketing is not really hard, it just takes effort. Effort focused on getting the simple, basics right.

You probably already know the place to start, Market Research. This first step stops many people right in their tracks. Again, don't make this to complicated when you are starting out. Choose a market you are interested in, use Google's External keyword tool to find some phrases with traffic, and lower competition, and move ahead. Don't over analyze, and stop your progress.


Let's get one thing straight right now. Your first effort may not produce any money! The secrets is out of the bag. Not every website, not every keyword, and not everything you try is going to work. The secret to success is very easy. Make mistakes, learn from them, and move on. You do want to learn the basics to reduce your amount of mistakes, but you will still have failures.

This is one of the hidden secrets of the best producers in Internet web site marketing, they fail more than they succeed. They just learn to eliminate failures quickly, and focus on expanding the winners. The whole point here is, do your market research quickly, choose something, and try. You might discover it is not profitable, but so what? Just move on to the next idea quickly, and find the winner.


This leads us to the next basic step often missed. You need to test everything. This part frightens many people. Don't worry, there are very simple ways to setup traffic analysis, and conversion testing. You can even use free services like Google Analytics. The important thing, you won't know if you're having success, without measuring results. Just because you don't have sales, does not mean your plan is not working. You may have a conversion problem which can be fixed with a better landing page. You may not be getting enough traffic to your site. Traffic is one of the easiest problems to fix, it just takes time and effort.

"Get i million hits/mth guaranteed! It's free"

Learning how your site is performing through testing allows you to move to the next important basic. Make changes. It's really this simple. When your site is not converting, make a simple change to the headlines, or to your offer, and then test again. Many times it is something very simple which may change a site from not producing a profit, to being highly profitable. Learning to build a good, basic landing page is a skill you can become good at. Then you just need to adjust, until you have better sales.

These couple ideas should get your mind pondering other ways to simplify your internet web site marketing strategies. The important thing, keep it simple, learn the basics, and take action. Make sure you make your emphasis on TAKING ACTION. Without action, everything you learn is useless, just wasted time, and energy. Allow yourself to become successful by taking action on simple, straight forward steps.

Jan 14, 2010

Website Building - Have a Plan When Thinking of Building a Website

Would you like to build a website, a proper website, well ask yourself the following: "Why build JUST a Web site... when you COULD build a Web BUSINESS?"

People still don't realize that their hobbies and life skills can generate a solid income on the Web.

Any Web host can provide space, bandwidth and 99.9% uptime, but how many of them can help you build a successful business? A solid long-term online business which can generate passive income.

More than 10 years into e-business, most people don't understand the fundamental reality of how it works. They put up sites and wonder why they don't get traffic. Because in life and in business there are basics you must adhere to. Period.

Should You Blog Or Build A Web Site?

Full blogging, a stress-and-labor-intensive way to create time-sensitive content, is a financial mistake for most small businesses.

A Theme-Based Content Site serves your visitors better, builds more long-term targeted traffic, and monetizes greater than a blog.

Thinking about Affiliate marketing...

Are you interested in affiliate marketing, then you need to start right from day one and build a solid affiliate online business.

Finally, the promise of affiliate marketing is realized. Publish a theme-based information-jammed content site. Monetize with the cream of affiliate programs, blend in additional AdSense and other revenues. Finally... build an affiliate site that WORKS. Diversify as you grow.

Easy, simple, step by step at your own time - Yes, you determine your own speed.

Get your FREESCHOOL now

Earn while you learn.

If you're Local business owner you are a perfectly suited to build your own website. And did you know that over 50% of offline small businesses still have no Web site? It's a great opportunity for a local business owner to establish yourself on the net. A website could be the perfect silent partner helping you to promote and boost your local business.

If you are in the Real Estate business a web site can evolve into a sales-generating machine that will help you gain qualified leads even when you sleep! Isn't it time realtors built their own home? On the web?

Be clever, take responsibility, learn some new skills, build your own website, but most of all build a business.

Thank you for reading my article and I sincerely hope that you could pick up my passion and enthusiasm about the fact that anybody can build their own website and in the process build their own online business.


The Quickest Way to Double Your Sales From Existing Customers Using Email

There is nothing quite like a successful business. Orders fly into your inbox every day and you process and deliver each customers requirements as quickly as you can.

However, after that order has been delivered and payment received, do you ever send your customer any further information about your business? If you are like most Internet marketers, you don't. And when you don't follow that initial sale with additional information, you let a valuable repeat customer slip from your grasp!

Every customer that has already purchased from you once must like what you have to offer and the service you provide them. They are therefore willing and wanting to purchase from you again. But when it comes to the time to make that next important purchase, they can't find your contact information, remember where they made their original purchase or worst of all, don't realise that you sell what they are now looking for.

Your repeat business is gone, all because you didn't stay in touch!

I Send Flyer's With Every Order - What More Can I Do!

Okay, I know what you are thinking, you send out a flyer with every order, maybe you even include a money off next purchase voucher. But this is not enough! If you don't stay in contact with all your customers by sending them regular follow up messages, next time they want a product you sell, your loyal customer will take their business elsewhere.

Following up with your past customers is more than just a process you do at the time of their purchase - it's an on-going art. In order to be effective, you need to design a follow up system that will keep your business in the mind of your prospects, and stick to it. If you don't follow up with your past customers consistently, then you might as well forget about getting any repeat sales from them.

How To Follow Up First Time Customers

To get your first time customers to purchase from you again you need to follow up with each multiple times, at set intervals and with pre-written messages. Anyone that has done this for their business will confirm that their sales from past customers have doubled or even tripled. But, setting this process up properly does need some planning.

The first thing you're going to need to do is write your follow up messages. Anyone that has been marketing on the Internet for any length of time will probably already have a thank you email that is sent to satisfied customers once they've purchased from you.

This is the starting point for your follow up process. The email should be sent to your customers the day after they have taken delivery of their order. Your second email needs to go into more detail than the first about your business and the products you sell. Stress the benefits of your products and give reasons why they should purchase from you and not your competition.


Make sure you also give your satisfied customers a real reason to visit your web site again. A discount voucher against their next purchase can work well.

Whatever your incentive, it must have a sense of urgency built into it. If offering a discount voucher, then make sure it has an expiry date set a month or two into the future. You want your satisfied customer to come back and purchase from you again soon.

The timing of your second email is also important. It should be sent 2 to 3 days after your first email.

The next 3 follow up messages you send should be short lists of your most popular products with benefits and potential uses. Also include special offers, giving your prospects another reason to order now instead of waiting any longer.

Write each email so that they can be skimmed quickly but the full force of your message still comes through. Don't forget to also include a reminder of the incentive you sent them in your second email to add real power to your message.

Get Feedback From Your Customers

Phrase your next 2 messages in the form of a question and try to get your customer to respond. Ask if there are any reasons why they have not purchased from you again. Are your prices to high, do you stock what they're looking for? The feedback you get will be useful in helping you modify your follow up emails or product offerings so that other prospects will be more likely to order from you a second time. The timing of these last five follow up emails is just as important as their content. You certainly don't want to annoy your prospect! Make sure that these letters are at least a week apart.

Follow Up - An On Going Process

You've now firmly embedded your business and the products you offer into your customers mind. But you need to make sure you keep them there.

Continue sending your prospects regular email with new incentives, special offers and reasons to purchase every three to four weeks. A monthly newsletter often works well. Now and again, include a message intended to receive a response to see if they have a particular need that you can meet.

Following up effectively can seem complicated, but it doesn't have to be. The entire process can be automated by using good Email Marketing Software.

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Jan 12, 2010

How an Autoresponder Puts Your Business on Autopilot

Winning the lottery is easy, building a viable online business isn't. I know, I know, I just broke the "Guru Code" because I gave away the dirty little secret.

It is hard.

But there are tools available that turn time-consuming tasks into no-brainers. An autoresponder is one of those tools and I'm going to show you how using an autoresponder correctly can put your business on autopilot.

But first, just to make sure we're all on the same page...

An autoresponder, quite simply, is an email address that automatically responds when someone sends an email to that address. You send an email to a certain address and a few minutes later you'll receive a reply. Automatically. No humans are involved in the process at all. A sequential autoresponder goes one step further -- it sends out a series of emails on a predetermined basis. Maybe one every other day, once a week, etc.

And you may not believe it, but that's a very powerful force to use with your business. Let me give you an example...

You're a hot-shot marketer and have a sales page converting at 5% (that's a huge conversion rate in case you didn't know). That means 5 out of every 100 people who come to your page buy your product. Yeehaw!

Oh, but wait, that also means 95 out of every 100 people who come to your page DON'T buy. They just go away and you never see them again.

And that's where an autoresponder can save the day. Because if you set it up correctly you'll end up getting some sales from the 95% who don't buy immediately.

If you're selling Blue Widgets the people who come to your page are obviously interested in widgets, so what if you put together a special report called, "The Top 10 Ways Widgets Can Make You Rich." And then offer that for free to the people who come to your web site. All they have to do is give you their name and email address and you'll give them the report...

...and more information all about widgets, blue ones, especially.

The prospect signs up for the list, they get the report, and then your autoresponder takes over. You've put a series of emails into the autoresponder and once or twice a week a new email about blue widgets will be sent to the prospect. You'll give hints and tips about using blue widgets, and then give them another opportunity to buy.

What you have is a way to continue the sales process, even after the prospect leaves the web site! You can share testimonials with them showing how other people have profited after buying your blue widgets, etc.

And you can continue to share the love of blue widgets with them until they decide to buy -- or decide to get off your list. And as long as you continue to send them compelling and interesting info about blue widgets, they'll stick around and listen to your pitches, be they soft or hard.

This means that when you get ready to promote a product (whether it's your product or whether you're acting as an affiliate), you shouldn't "throw the switch" until you have a series of autoresponder messages loaded into your autoresponder and ready to go. And, you'll need a special report or some other "enticement" to get them to join your list -- saying "pretty please" doesn't work all that well online.

We all want the kind of business where money rolls in while we drink fruity drinks out of coconut shells on the beach. We want that "autopilot business" everyone talks about.

An autoresponder filled with messages that continue the sales process is one of the biggest ways to make can happen. And whether you're promoting your own product or someone's product as an affiliate, a series of autoresponder messages can help build your list and make extra sales at the same time.

If you don't have an autoresponder service yet, I highly recommend TrafficWave

Autoresponder - A Useful Internet Marketing Tool

Have you found yourself busy with Internet marketing, yet emails continually come seeking answers to queries related to the product you are promoting? Answering them one by one will definitely consume all of your time. You may not even have time in setting up your internet marketing schemes, so earnings will come minimally. If you are not familiar with various internet marketing tools, then, you might be surprised with the purpose of having an autoresponder. It is an application that automatically answers emails in a general basis, thus, manual answering of a certain email is not required. Because it is automated, all you have to do is to set its parameters and leave it in order to do its own work.

In any internet marketing system, an autoresponder is very helpful. Reading and answering concern emails about the product you are promoting takes a lot of time. With the help of an autoresponder, you can create bounce messages that will inform the sender that the email he sent cannot be delivered due to specific reasons. You have the power to indicate whatever the reason you want to compel to the sender. Other bounce messages that you can also create is about the product information. This is useful if you are promoting only one or few products; you can set the autoresponder to redirect them to the specific product provider.

Keep in mind that its harmful part known as the email backscatter should not be used; it often deflects information which is usually regarded as spam inside the email inbox. Furthermore, it can vary from simple to complex programs, and in choosing one it is advisable to determine if you know the basics on internet marketing in order to use it proficiently. A lot of internet marketers are not using its full potential, so its benefits especially in terms of time management are not fully met.

Generally, it has two kinds: first are the complex ones that are requiring technical skills in html and other information technology infrastructures as it is usually installed on one's own server. This is recommendable for well-experienced internet marketers as they have capability to control their own system of internet marketing. Second are the simple ones which are known to be user-friendly. It operates with the guidance of the provider, so it is quite easier to use compared on complex ones. However, monthly fee is usually collected upon its usage but is generally considered worthy as it helps you in your online marketing schemes.

If you are just starting in this field, you might be wondering where to find a useful autoresponder. For beginners, it is advisable to seek guidance and tutorials regarding its usage in order to fully benefit from it. Moreover, it is usually part of different online marketing software around. So if you are planning to purchase this kind of software upon starting in internet marketing, you should look for one that also provides service assistance in using autoresponders. Be wise in looking for various kinds of internet marketing software that provide optimum assistance, after all, it will be useful in your career in marketing online so choose cleverly!

Should You Use an Auto Responder?

Are you wondering if you should begin to start using an autoresponder? If you are not familiar with what an autoresponder is it is basically an e-mail marketing software that will communicate to your prospects for you automatically once you put some letters into it. Why is this possible? Well one of the big reasons why people get involved online is to make an automatic income right? Well though this is possible you always have to put some initial effort into it in order to make it run the way that you want.

In my opinion what an autoresponder is would be a much needed time leverager. You see it would take me hours to go into my e-mail database and write all of the people who are on my list personally. It would basically be impossible and would take me days upon days to make this happen. Though with an autoresponder what I can do is bring people into my list and have them get emailed automatically through the e-mail marketing software.

TrafficWave.net AutoResponders

To be very blunt you're going to need an autoresponder on the Internet if you want to truly build a thriving business that will last you for years to come. The reason this is true is because an autoresponder will have a list of your prospects and people who trust you throughout time. This is valuable and is an asset to your business. It is much more important than just some opportunity, this is filled with people who you can continue to market to throughout time.

If you have no idea how to get one set up that's fine. There are hundreds of e-books out there on e-mail marketing strategies but the most important thing that you can do is get one right away. If you are in this business to make some serious cash then it's going to be a great investment for your future. If you are not serious and just messing around on the Internet then maybe this type of software is not for you.

What is an Autoresponder and Why Do You Need One?

If you are new to Internet marketing you may wonder what an autoresponder is and if you really need one. If your experienced you have at least one and possibly more.

As an internet marketer you probably know by now that getting the email addresses of people who have shown any level of interest towards products you're marketing is like gold.

That's because it's well known that most people don't make a decision about joining a new business or buying an online product the first time they see it. And without getting someone's email address it's impossible to follow up with them.

Trying to follow up with people without an autoresponder is very tedious and time consuming. You need to have a very organized system and then the time to do it properly.

TrafficWave.net AutoResponders

In fact you may need to follow up multiple times before you get a negative or positive response. The beauty of an autoresponder is that it allows you to follow up as often as you need or want to to a targeted market.

So when you ask "What is an auto responder and why do you need one?" the answer is pretty simple. Autoresponders are an electronic method for following up via email automatically to target audiences.

Once you have a potential customer's email address you simply enter that address into a database with all your other addresses. You then set up the autoresponder with pre-programmed messages to go out at preset intervals.

Your addresses are from people who have agreed to receive these emails from you (known as "opt ins") so you are allowed to send as many as you want. Because they have subscribed to your messages your emails should not be sent to spam.

Can you see the beauty in this? Once you get this set up it will work for you around the clock. You're communicating constantly with your contacts and building a relationship with them. Over time you will become very familiar with them making you more appealing to do business with.

Some of your messages and advertisements will hit home with some subscribers and some won't. But you don't have to worry about that. Your auto responder just sends to everyone and if someone wants to unsubscribe they can. That responsibility is theirs.

There are free autoresponder services and there are those you pay for. The difference is that with paid services you will get technical support. The monthly cost is fairly cheap so that's probably the way to go if your budget can handle it.

A good autoresponder should allow you to personalize messages with the subscriber's name and send unlimited emails to them. It should also allow you to pre load a series of messages that can be sent out at planned intervals.

TrafficWave.net AutoResponders


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Jan 10, 2010

Do You Really Need a Domain Name?

Do you need a domain name? If you have an online presence such as a personal website or a blog do you really need a domain name or will using a domain belonging to someone else be OK?

Domain names help to establish your online presence. Having a domain name shows people that you are serious about your website. If you own your own domain name then nobody can take away your hard work in building up your website.

Domain names are not as expensive as they once were so it does not cost much to buy one. However, if you are planning to launch many websites then the cost of buying domains can become a significant factor in your business plan.

Domain names help to establish your brand. Sites such as Amazon, Google and eBay spent millions establishing a brand. If you do not have a budget big enough to do this then choosing a name that is related to your site and its purpose is recommended.

Domain names are used by the search engines to rank your site. Having a domain name which says what your site is about helps to get your site noticed and remembered. If you use words in your domain name which tell people what your site is about then it makes it easier for people to find your site using a search engine. These words are called "key words" and are the things that people type into a search engine when they are looking for a product or service.

On the other hand, having a domain name is not always necessary. Maybe you just blog for fun or use a social networking site to update your friends and family about what you are doing and to keep in touch with them. So perhaps a domain name of your own is not necessary.

Even if you have your own hosting account a domain name is not strictly necessary. A domain name simply translates into an IP address which can be used to reach your site instead, providing you have a dedicated IP address. While this works OK, IP addresses are very hard to remember for humans, which is why names are used.

A third alternative is to buy one domain name and then use sub domains for each of your sites. This means you own the domain so nobody can delete your site. It also means that costs for multiple sites are significantly reduced. This is a great solution and helps to group all of your sites together under one main domain. Sites such a Blogger do this and it is a very effective solution.

Get your free domain name with GLOBAL DOMAINS INTERNATIONAL TODAY!

Building Your Own Websites

If you're one of the many people that are looking to the Internet for at least a secondary income, if not a primary income, you may have the need to build your own websites.

If you are wanting to make money online, and you already have a business model, you have probably come to the realization that at least one website is probably mandatory. Of course there are options to setup free blogs, if a blog-styled layout will work for you, but some business ideas dictate that you really need a different type of site.

If you plan on having a store-front type layout, and selling physical products, whether drop-shipped or something that you ship yourself, there are totally free shopping cart programs that can be downloaded and hosted on an inexpensive web host that will work. For less than USD10/month you can have reliable hosting from a quality host. For less than USD10/month you can have your domain registered. Download the free shopping cart software, learn how to use it and you're in business.

What if you need more of a static site, and the blog format doesn't seem to be right? Well, if you really don't want the headaches of trying to learn HTML, CSS, php, javascript and everything else that may become necessary in becoming a web developer, you can pay someone to create your site, or you can purchase the software and start building your own websites.

Personally, I like building my own websites. I like to learn, but also the money saved on just one site will more than pay for the website creating software that you'll need to buy. Good web developers don't come cheap, nor should they. However, when you're basically at the mercy of someone else for almost everything that may need to be changed or maintained on your site, it's not even just the cost that is involved. If your regular developer gets really busy, sick, or is unavailable for whatever reason, you're kind of stuck. Hopefully you can find someone quickly that won't charge an arm and a leg, and can do the job quickly, and right.

Get the best alternative then?
Try this, it's a FREE learning concept where you can start building your website right away!

So, although a lot of web developing can be tedious, mind-numbing, tech-stuff that you really don't have any interest in learning, finding a quality, easy-to-learn, affordable website creating software program could be the answer to building your own websites.

If you're wanting to start building your websites, one program that is very popular,FREE, powerful and also quite easy to learn, is HERE. It has a WYSIWYG editor that is designed with the Internet marketer in mind.

3 Steps to a Successful Internet Business

1. You need not have a particular product or service in mind when you first get started. You might eventually find a special niche but in the beginning you can easily start "selling" through affiliate marketing. Chose a couple of companies such as PakarAffiliate, TheFourWeeksT Freedom and/or PerniagaanInternet. It is free and easy to sign up as an affiliate marketer, which means you get a commission payment every time someone buys something from that company with you as a referral. The instructions on each business site are clear and easy to follow. A great way to get started with selling on the Internet.

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PakarAffiliate :



2. Begin by putting this affiliate link on your emails, blogs, or websites. Develop a constant stream of internet communication through which you develop a following. Don't worry too much about quantity, develop quality. Both in the content of your postings and your followers. Your ultimate goal is to sell a product or a service and you won't do that by being mediocre or having people who are just killing time on the Internet reading your postings.

3. Spend at least half your time learning everything you can about the Internet, your products and spend the rest of your time putting your new knowledge into action. There has to be a balance between these two. You can never stop learning and you never stop growing your business by utilizing your new information. Your clients/customers want new information and things that will make their life better. The world we live in is changing constantly and nobody is going to wait for you if you fall behind.

So use your time wisely and build your Internet Business slowly and steadily.

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Jan 8, 2010

How Does Web Hosting Work?

In order to put your website on the internet, it needs to be put on a web server. A web server can be very costly to own and requires maintenance and certain knowledge and skills to keep running smoothly. This is the reason why choosing to have your website hosted by another company is the smart way to get your website on the internet.

A web host will provide the equipment and maintenance for keeping your site going. Web hosting companies charge a monthly fee in exchange for providing the equipment and maintenance required for your website.

Once your site is hosted, it will allow visitors to access the server in order to see your website. The server itself can be housed in any location. It does not have to be close to where your home or business is located.

You are basically paying for a hosting company to manage and maintain your files, pages, and website structure. This is the sole responsibility of the hosting company. If your website is not able to be seen because of technical reasons, they are responsible.

As you can see it would be quite beneficial to choose a quality hosting company with a strong track record of excellent service.

Most web hosting companies allow you to build your website any way you want it to look. You have complete freedom to create what you want your site to look like and how it functions. They are only responsible to keep it up and running. Some web hosting companies will offer to develop your website for a fee if you don't want to build it yourself. But usually this is only an option that goes over and above hosting your website.

Choosing a web host is simple. You can either seek out the cheapest web host and take your chances with questionable service. Or you can find a host with a proven reputation of quality and strong customer service. Only one of those choices will guarantee that your visitors will see your website.

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Your Website is Your Business!

How is internet marketing business helping people earn great income and take it as their primary business? Today people are interested in making fast and easy money which is not impossible. If you can put in some effort in the start then your internet marketing business can help you earn money easily and quickly.

Online business is a new form of conducting business, in this business a person cannot actually see or talk to his customers but has to convince him through written words only. Therefore having a website to promote your business online is indispensible. With so many website development companies available online it is very difficult to predict which one of them will satisfy your needs. Every company has its own way of creating a website design and uses its own special technique to promote your website against masses.

With a proper website design you can approach your customers professionally. Many people today create blogs to spread awareness about their brand amongst people but it is not enough. You audience must know where they can read more detail about your product and where it can be purchased. Sometimes an interested customer may not be able to purchase things without proper knowledge of the sales page. A web designing company offers you a base which is similar to an offline office and lets your customer reach you easily.

So when creating your website, it is important that you know your needs beforehand. There are some companies that provide great shopping offers to customers. They sell products of various brands due to which they require website with 70-80 pages. This is not required by every company. If you have just started your online business then you must choose a simple website, a website with essential links and pages. When you approach a web development company, they make sure that your products are described in a convincing way to excite the customer to purchase them. Having a sales page in your website is must. With the help of a sales page your customers can purchase the products anytime of the day or night.

A novice internet marketer may not have much knowledge as what to include in his website and what not. You do not have to fill your website with web pages but must use minimal amount of pictures to accentuate your product. A good website is one that details all positives and benefits of a product, a website that describes the product decently without exaggerating it. It is very important that you promise your customer only as much you can deliver. Fake promises can bring you more customers for some time but will not be profitable in the long run.

Web development companies offer you a great start by creating a website which is unique and easy to use and lets you achieve the kind of profit you dream of attaining from it. There are many website design Sydney companies that are known for its wonderful design and development services.

Building a Website For Beginners

There are numerous things you need to think about before building a website for beginners.

1. Do you know HTML?
2. Can you FTP?
3. Do you have a Domain Name?
4. You will need Web Hosting.
5. Do you have a plan?
6. What will your online website do?

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. This language code is what enables all website surfers to actually see what it really looks like minus the code. HTML is actually easy to learn and is what most beginners learn. There is also XHTML and this is an XML application or just a higher version of HTML.

What is FTP? It stands for file transfer protocol. This is what enables a webmaster to transfer html files from your editing software to your web hosting account. All your files should reside on your hosting server. This means if you delete, destroy, or if someone steals your computer these files are still retrievable via your hosting plan. You hosting company also backup your files. Redundancy is a good thing. You will need an FTP client program and you can get a free one by searching for "Core FTP client program".

Do you have a domain name that will attract your visitors? Choosing a domain name is very important. Be sure you have the.com extension and not some other b.s. extension. What is easier to remember...agoodwebsite(dot)com or agoodwebsite(dot)info?

One of the more important factors in building a website for beginners is choosing a very good web host. If your web site goes down, you are out of business. When searching for a web host company make sure they have secure server capabilities, fast servers, tons of space, unrestricted CGI access, SSH and FTP access, access to raw server logs, good email services, and daily server backups. Signing up for free or cheap web hosting can sometimes cost you more trouble. The last thing you want is cheesy advertisements and or slow connections. The most important factor in choosing a web host is support. This is what matters the most without good support you may lose lots of valuable time, money and most important customers.

Do you have a business website plan? You don't really need one but it sure would be handy to read in case you start to wander off in a different direction. It is possible to pay someone to design, build and maintain your website. Most web design firms can charge up to 2 grand for fully functional website. You could do a local search such as "web design in your city". This is the easy way to make the kind of website you might be looking for. However I like doing things myself.

What will you do with your website? Is it just to impress your friends and family? Or are will you really going to add good useful content so others will benefit from your content. Building a website for beginners with content that others can use is what all good Internet folks, search engines and Online Marketers want.

Get your free 'step-by-step' guide on how to create your first website now.

Jan 7, 2010

A Beginner's Guide to Understanding HTML

HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language is the back bone of the internet, it makes up the majority of the pages your able to visit on the internet. Hyper Text Markup Language is relatively simple and can be used to create an infinite number of web pages. When a web browser asks a server for a web page the server will respond with a large amount of text in ASCII format. Your browser will strip everything out one piece at a time and compile it into images and text you can understand easily.

Each piece that is understood by the browser is sectioned out, what isn't understood becomes text on the page. Whatever is between certain tags will be formatted a special way based on how the code is written. When CSS (Cascading style sheets) are sent along with HTML the browser will use those lines of code as if they were universal rules for that page. Think of it like defining how a car is built before gathering the parts in which it is built with. It gives a basic structure or design if you will for that car that the browser can readily understand. Those rules can effect how other tags are read and or interpreted and in some cases can help to create new "temporary tags" the browser can understand.

Before the page is assembled (since we already have directions and some of the materials) the browser will request any images it needs before finishing it's work. This is why when the world was still using dial up you would see the text and text formatting first and as a few seconds went by the browser would download the images required to finish off the required data for the completed car. As the internet got faster for the majority of people browsers were able to almost seamlessly pull the code and the images at the same time. Now of course this isn't the only prossess that goes on different scripting languages can add additional functionality to the browser and make the viewing and using of the internet more fun.

Jan 6, 2010

Easy Web Design Tips

A good web design is the key to a great and commercially successful website. It is important to have usability embedded in the web design, so the users end up using as many features in the website as they can.

You will have to look at a few areas such as layout, graphics, fonts, advertising, and content before you could fully understand what web design is. There are many web design tips that should be followed during the designing phase of the web site.

Let's take a look at some of the tips related to aforementioned areas. When it comes to graphics, the size of the image file plays a key role with regard to site performance. When the image files are bigger in size, it takes much longer for browsers to display the images.

The end user experiences this as a delay, and may not be happy about the performance. There are various web design tutorials available for beginners to learn important graphics tips. Such tutorials help web designers understand web templates, HTML basics, JAVA script basics, and CSS.

Since the introduction of broadband, the Internet connections grew faster. This slightly eliminated the need of being extra careful about page sizes, nevertheless, web designers should make sure that web pages are as light as possible.

The use of gifs and other rapidly changing images is old school. The modern concepts do not use such material. There have been many usability studies carried out in this area and they have clearly shown that the end users become annoyed when flashy graphics are used.

Layout is one of the main aspects of a design. If you don't have enough time on your hands to come up with your own web design layout, you can use a free templates.

Sometimes, when we are in the middle of some web site designing, we lose our focus and wish there was free software that can generate a free template within minutes. There is nothing wrong in using free web page designs as these software are much more advanced in nature than how they used to be.

Some designers use their favorite font for web designs and miserably fail at making the website usable for visitors due to illegible fonts. When choosing website fonts, you should always consider the target audience of the website.

For example, if you are targeting professionals, use some professional font instead of using fonts such Arial. And if your target audience is senior citizens, always use big font sizes as age can sometimes challenge the ability to read small fonts.

Jan 5, 2010

How to Make Websites Customers Crave!

Today's websites are simple, beautiful, and functional. Your visitors, customers, and potential clients shouldn't leave frustrated because they can't find what they want. If your website is appealing and functional you can rest assured you phone will ring and your business will be patronized. Why? Well because your information gateway is top-notch and user friendly. To create a site that keeps people coming back consider these basic elements of a great website.

Content - The written portion of your site that gives visitors information about what you can offer them. Many time people make the mistake of talking about themselves and the visitor gets bored and leaves. Talk about them, after all, they will (hopefully) be giving you money. Your content should be fresh, short, and easy to understand. Avoid overwhelming them with too much information. Think like a potential customer or client. What would you want to know about your business or service? Then deliver.

Images - A good balance of images on your site shows visitors who you are, what you offer, and breaks up the written words. Images make viewing your website a pleasant experience. Your images can be from your camera or from stock photography.

Forms - You probably want your visitors to contact you about your services, to make a reservation, or to request further information. A form is the way to open the lines of communication in a non-threatening way. The visitor is in control of the experience, which shows you are not too pushy.

Payment Systems - If you are selling a product (or service) you will want a payment system. Many people use PayPal or other merchant service to accept credit cards or bank drafts. Making it easy for customers to buy your product or service is important for business and to keep people coming to or referring others to your site.

Email Capture - To stay in touch with visitors to your site and turn them into potential customers get their email address. You should offer something of perceived value in exchange for their information. Your offering could be tips, coupons, specials, or a report. Staying in contact with your visitors is a good way to create warm contacts that are open to doing business with you.


Creating or redesigning your website is not the undertaking it used to be. Now you can have an appealing site that captures the attention through clear, concise language, visually appealing images, and interactive elements like forms and email capture tools.

Jan 4, 2010

Web Design Tips and Guidelines

Below are some of the important web design tips and guidelines which i think are necessary for every web design.


In web design first step is to choose the layout which best suites your needs. Layout is basically the placement of your content, images and information in your web page. Normally layout is designed in Adobe Photoshop or any other graphic tool. Please consider these few things while designing layouts.

* Width and height of design screen (What resolution to design?)
* Height of header and footer content
* Where to place the content so it can be useful or readable
* Keep white spaces (gaps) within your text content and images
* Keep it simple and clean, don't make too much information stuck on just one page
* You can also draw the layout on simple paper by your hand

2.Color Scheme

Second step in web design is to choose the right color scheme. Your color scheme may be comprised of two or three colors. But don't use more than 3 colors, it will be difficult to control more than 3 colors. There are some websites where you can pick up the color schemes like kuler.com or you can also find amazing color schemes @ colorlovers.com. Now we will see some tips on color choices.

* Choose at least 2 colors or 3 colors, like black, dark brown and dull green.
* Keep your text in a readable color like white text on dark brown background.
* Keep your links a little bit more sharp in colors than your text
* Keep the balance in colors like light colors on dark backgrounds
* Dont make a fruity effect by using too many colors in one place
* Try to use Web 2.0 sleek and clean color schemes

3.Content Positioning (Balancing)

Third step is to position and maintain your contents so that the user feels like all the pages of the site and in balance. It is very crucial step in web design. You also have to keep in mind to view your web pages in multiple major browsers. Okay now here are some listed tips.

* Keep the distances same on each page like distance from header of the content must be same on all pages
* Left and right margins and positions should also be same on all pages
* Keep a balance in positioning so nothing looks odd on the web page
* These days giving some space or white space is a fashion in web design


First three steps were purely design based; now when you have built your page a bit, you must not overlook the page size and how it is going to load in the browser. Web page optimization means a very broad term. It may also include Search engine friendly coding. In the list below i will also list some websites/links so you can check your web page performance.

* Keep the usage of images at minimum, loading time will suffer due to heavy images
* Minimize the usage of too many scripts and Flash content
* Use CSS and div based layout and eliminate any unnecessary code from CSS and HTML
* Words in the title of page and headings and your meta tags all counts to Search Engine optimization
* Don't miss to check your web page in different browsers, cross browser compatibility is a must

Now i will list some of the websites which i personally use as a web designer to optimize my pages.

* A very nice Meta Tag analyzer tool SEOcentro Meta Analyzer
* A very nice Web Page Optimization tool, Web Page Analyzer 0.98
* Pingdom tools is a great resource to check your loading time and your page efficiency Pingdom tools
* To check your webpage across multiple Operating Systems and browsers Adobe Browser Lab
* And in the last don't forget to validate your html/CSS code with W3C W3C Markup Validation

5.Design Exposure

In the last, i will talk about your design and color scheme sense improvements. Your exposure to new and latest technologies, design patterns and layouts will also improve your web design overall sense. Some tips are listed below.

* Search about latest trends in web design and latest web design techniques
* View portfolio websites of other great designers
* View art related websites like Deviantart.com to get some good exposure
* Try learning new tutorials of Photoshop and Dreamweaver, this will help a lot

I would try to write another article on Optimization alone sometime soon.

Jan 3, 2010

6 Great Reasons to Avoid Free Web Hosting

When it comes to web hosting, there are a lot of options available. With so many alternatives to choose from, you might be tempted to consider one of the many free web hosting services out there. However, there are some common pitfalls related to that approach that can end up costing you and your business a lot of money down the road. Therefore, it is important to know what these red flags are so you can avoid them.

Here are 6 great reasons to avoid free web hosting:

1. Lost Credibility. Your web site will often be the first impression your potential customers have of your business. With free hosting, you may be stuck with a very long domain name such as http://freehostingservice.com/~yourbusiness. A domain name like this is an instant signal to your prospects that your business is still in the minor leagues. It is very difficult to build trust and credibility when your web presence appears to be fly-by-night.
2. Banner Ads. The main reason these services are free is because you agree to allow banner ads on your site. So you invest the time, money and energy into driving traffic to your site and the free hosting service profits by directing that traffic away from you. Clearly not the best way to build a successful, long-term business.
3. Limited Features. Free hosts usually offer a limited number of services. This lack of flexibility can seriously hinder your ability to conduct and grow your business online. For example, if you select a free service, you may have limited or no access to email, FTP accounts, content management systems or ecommerce options.
4. Lack of Portability. When you pay to register and host your own domain, you have the option to transfer it. With free hosting services, this is usually not the case. So, if you spend a year or two building up your site and driving traffic to it before realizing how beneficial it would be to have your own domain name, your hard work may be out the window.
5. Overcrowded Servers. This leads to slow load time for pages and increased downtime for your site. Of course, both of these issues can have a serious negative impact on the growth and profitability of your business.
6. Poor Customer Service. Another major issue with free hosting services is that they offer little to nothing in the way of customer support. If there is a problem with your site, you will have a very hard time contacting anyone to help resolve it. Every minute your site is down carries with it a huge opportunity cost in terms of frustrated customers and lost sales.

Based on this list, you can see that "you get what you pay for" with free hosting services. Instead, consider quality web hosting an important investment into your business - one that will continue to yield positive results for your business long into the future.

Jan 2, 2010

7 Steps For a Killer Website

Web design is a very unique occupation because it combines the best of two worlds; technology and art. A web designer is able to release their design talent and ideas while still remaining in touch with technology. Unlike professions such as programming or graphic design, website designers tend to require less specialization and take on more of a jack of all trades approach. It is not uncommon for a website designer to be quite proficient in many different mediums and applications such as Photoshop, Flash and Dreamweaver. Moreover website design always brings new and exciting challenges every day. Taking the complex puzzle that each project brings to the table and finding suitable solutions is an absolute joy in itself.

When working in website design there tends to be seven crucial steps involved in the project. Every project will vary however these steps are the key building blocks for every website.

1. Planning:

Define the goals and purpose of the website. Any unique project requirement should be identified and accounted for as well such as whether a CMS is required or any particularly interesting and potentially challenging features.

2. Contract:

Create and submit a proposal to the client for the project, which outlines the entire project in written form so that all parties involved understand the expectations and outcome of the project. A time frame and financial agreement should also be set at this time. While at times you may prefer to not create a contract, it is always important to have something to fall back on, if things go south.

3. Design:

In this step you must find your customers target audience, and design a website according to their needs. Color, layout, font, and many other design elements depend on the target audience.

4. Building:

Convert your design into its respective language(s). In general most website will at minimum require HTML and CSS, while more advanced website may also require other languages such as JavaScript, PHP, or Ajax. If you are unable to code the website by hand using a development environment, you may prefer to use a tool such as Adobe Dreamweaver.

5. Testing:

Of all the steps testing is perhaps the most crucial. Unlike a typical computer program, a website is run in a web browser, of which there are many. Each browser follows its own rules and may or may not include certain features as their competitors. In general you can get away with testing your work in the follow browsers: Internet Explorer (6 through to 8), Firefox, Netscape, and Opera. Besides testing the individual web browsers you may also like to ensure that your website meets HTML and CSS standards (visit w3c.org for more information).

6. Launch:

Secure a domain and hosting package, upload the websites files to your host's server. Popular choices for purchasing domains and hosting are 1and1 and Hostgator.

7. Site maintenance

In order for most websites to be successful frequent updates will be required to the content as well as fixing any bugs that may turn up with new releases of software and browser updates.