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Jan 10, 2010

Building Your Own Websites

If you're one of the many people that are looking to the Internet for at least a secondary income, if not a primary income, you may have the need to build your own websites.

If you are wanting to make money online, and you already have a business model, you have probably come to the realization that at least one website is probably mandatory. Of course there are options to setup free blogs, if a blog-styled layout will work for you, but some business ideas dictate that you really need a different type of site.

If you plan on having a store-front type layout, and selling physical products, whether drop-shipped or something that you ship yourself, there are totally free shopping cart programs that can be downloaded and hosted on an inexpensive web host that will work. For less than USD10/month you can have reliable hosting from a quality host. For less than USD10/month you can have your domain registered. Download the free shopping cart software, learn how to use it and you're in business.

What if you need more of a static site, and the blog format doesn't seem to be right? Well, if you really don't want the headaches of trying to learn HTML, CSS, php, javascript and everything else that may become necessary in becoming a web developer, you can pay someone to create your site, or you can purchase the software and start building your own websites.

Personally, I like building my own websites. I like to learn, but also the money saved on just one site will more than pay for the website creating software that you'll need to buy. Good web developers don't come cheap, nor should they. However, when you're basically at the mercy of someone else for almost everything that may need to be changed or maintained on your site, it's not even just the cost that is involved. If your regular developer gets really busy, sick, or is unavailable for whatever reason, you're kind of stuck. Hopefully you can find someone quickly that won't charge an arm and a leg, and can do the job quickly, and right.

Get the best alternative then?
Try this, it's a FREE learning concept where you can start building your website right away!

So, although a lot of web developing can be tedious, mind-numbing, tech-stuff that you really don't have any interest in learning, finding a quality, easy-to-learn, affordable website creating software program could be the answer to building your own websites.

If you're wanting to start building your websites, one program that is very popular,FREE, powerful and also quite easy to learn, is HERE. It has a WYSIWYG editor that is designed with the Internet marketer in mind.

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