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Feb 21, 2010

Facebook | Danger! Beware of These Affiliate Programs

Facebook | Danger! Beware of These Affiliate Programs

1. Overnight Riches Syndrome:
Any program that promises you a lot of money without you doing almost nothing. The person teaching you did not make it overnight, so why do you, the follower, want to make it overnight? If it were easy to make it just like that then everybody should be rich by now.

I am not saying you cannot earn a lot of cash online, Yes, you can make it. In fact make tens of thousands in a month but you are not going to make that starting today. Why? because you will have to learn some basic things. Once you master them, then you can go ahead to make any amount possible. I hope you are not discouraged!

2. Heaven and Earth Syndrome
Affiliate program that promises Heaven and earth. They end up being lies. If it sounds too good to be true, it actually might be.

I am very sure you have tried a lot of them out, just like I did. Some of the clickbank and adsense results you see everywhere are not real. There are software and codes that can actually edit those accounts no matter how secure Google and click bank account is.

If you have been burnt before then learn to be careful. You have to be very careful so that you do not get your fingers burnt again. I will be recommending a working affiliate to you at the end of this article but I expect you to go ahead to learn and cultivate the habit of searching and reading reviews.

3. Caution your greed
Once you caution your greed and your appetite to make it big just instantly, then you are sure to make it far bigger than you think. by far, you will be ahead of millions trying to make it overnight.

These are the basic rules you need to enjoy making money online and it is the simplest way to earn tens of thousands of dollars as an affiliate. After all, that is what you are looking for.

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